Goshen Township Fire/EMS Levy

Community Statistics

Goshen Township

is one of 14 Townships and 2 cities in Clermont County and the 4th largest community in Clermont county by population .

Goshen's Population

is larger than that of Milford and Loveland's and 10 other Clermont County townships, as well as all of the villages combined.

Average Homeowner Cost

Average home price in Goshen is $134,000 which means the average Levy Cost is $22 an additional year.

In Clermont County

there is an average of 1 paramedic ambulance for every 4,250 residents, in Goshen Township there is 1 paramedic ambulance for every 7,753 residents. Hence our desire to staff a third paramedic ambulance for Goshen Township

Based on Population

the number of paramedic ambulances staffed in Goshen, Goshen Fire and EMS has the highest call volume per resident of any community in Clermont County with 1,383 calls per staffed ambulance, the Clermont County average is 716 calls per ambulance. Therefore, Goshen's ambulances are on average 48% busier than other ambulances in Clermont County.

Goshen Fire and EMS

is staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers, part-time and full-time staff. Out of 52 employees 35 are volunteers or part-time which saves costs by more than 50% over a full-time staffed department. We will continue to maintain a predominantly volunteer and part-time department with the current and future levy funds.